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    Polyethylene Films

    PE films are lightweight, flexible, durable and inexpensive, it provides a cost-effective means of protecting products with its moisture-resistant barrier. Polyethylene film is used for a wide variety of purposes such as packaging and wrapping material.

    Polyethylene Bags

    Our PE bags are made of polyethylene, which is the most common and widely used plastic polymer in the world. The high-quality material we use prevents UV degradation, guaranteeing you the highest level of clarity and opacity with resistance to hot and cold temperatures.

    Black Mulch

    The perfect choice for farming are Black Mulch films. The multi-layered UV stabilizers which help prevent sun-light from reaching surrounding areas of the plant, which eliminate the growth of weed and other unnecessary plants, minimizing water evaporation and keeping the moisture intact.

    Tunnel films

    Tunnel films are extremely damage-resistant, large films that offers temperature control, preventing plants from getting cold during winter season, and help farmers to protect and grow their fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

    Printing and Converting

    With customized PE bag manufacturing, Novapack offers the printing bag rolls, socks flap packaging, warning bags and much more. A multipurpose flexible film is used in many industries and Novapack delivers to them all.

    Silage Films

    These films are used to preserve silage, hay and corn. They maintain the nutritional value of the contents. The silage films resist atmospheric agents and guarantee protection during outdoor exposure.

    Plants and Nursery Bags

    Our Nursery bags are made up of premium plastic material that is breathable, lightweight, safe, healthy, and easy to use—all features that improve the survival rate of plants and protect the environment.

    High-Pressure Bags

    High-pressure bags are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a popular choice for industrial and food packaging. High Pressure bags offers superior transparency, glossiness, weather resistance, and resistance to water vapor, especially made for Paint industry.

    PE Construction Films for Waterproofing

    PE construction films are long-lasting products that helps in construction of buildings, preventing water damage during the construction process by helping to block water leakage through walls, roofs, paving, and more.

    Black Mulch

    The perfect choice for farming are Black Mulch films. The multi-layered UV stabilizers which helps prevents sun-light from reaching surrounding areas of the plants, which eliminates the growth of weed and other unnecessary plants, minimizing water evaporation and keeping the moisture intact.

    Shrink Rolls & Bags for Fabrics and Food Packaging

    Our carefully formulated shrink films deliver optimal results. From a strong seal to consistent shrinkage, our films will help protect your products for continued longevity. Shrink films can also be produced with the oxy-biodegradable material option, only for made-to-order. The material dissolves in 6 months to 1 year after use, and this helps in contributing less to plastic waste. The beverage and textile industries are popular for shrink rolls usage.

    Industrial Packaging

    Always reliable, versatile, and functional, industrial packaging is the foundation on which businesses are built. And Novapack prides itself in manufacturing quality perforated bags and packaging bags. Heavily used for electronic appliances, foam, furniture, chemical and textile industry.

    about us


    Novapack has grown to become a leading manufacturer of plastic polyethylene  packaging products that serve clients from diverse fields and industries. With its state-of-the-art European equipment and technology, it is providing reliable solutions to its customers since 2014. Novapack's commitment to customer service has made it a local favorite among industry professionals with a reputation for innovative & high-quality products. We are a manufacturer of high-quality plastic polyethylene rolls and bags with the option of producing oxy-biodegradable material. These films are manufactured from state-of-the-art European technology and can be manufactured to order on short notice by our clients.

    Friendly Customer Support

    Our commitment to our clients is to provide professional assistance at all times. Reach out with your questions at our contact information below, and Novapack's staff will get back to you.

    Instant delivery

    We value your deadlines above all else and will work endlessly to meet them. With Us, you will have professional guidance every step of the way.


    Our state-of-the-art European equipment and technology and our team of experts guarantee the best quality every single time. Our business philosophy is to deliver on time so that our customer experience complete satisfaction.

    Our mission

    Novapack is committed to providing our customers with high-quality products at an affordable price while minimizing the carbon footprint in the world. With our quality manufacturing plant and our environmental practices, our company has earned a reputation for integrity and excellence in the plastic manufacturing industry. And doing so, we inspire the entire industry to follow sustainable practices and responsible manufacturing.

    Our Vision

    Novapack aims to become an environmentally sustainable company, producing biodegradable films focusing on quality control, understanding market needs and satisfying our customers.

    While operating on our current capacity of 12,000 tons, we aim:

    • To expand our capacity while adapting Solar Technology for our manufacturing plant, reducing dependency on electrical grids.

    • To increase our recycling plant's capacity to recycle plastic waste and reuse it while adhering to environmental practices.

    • To be proactive in producing sustainable products and create alternative solutions to reduce carbon footprint.



    Novpack has a current production capacity of 12,000 tons of producing polyethylene rolls and bags. We believe in environmentally sustainable production. With its Recycling units in Sindh & Punjab, Novapack recycles plastic waste of 24,000 tons per annum and produces sustainable production.
    We do not compromise on quality and we also ensure timely delivery

    Novapack has immense experience in different sectors like food, beverages, agriculture, construction and industrial packages to name of you.

    With prominent manufacturing of polyethylene rolls and bags, we cater to customized orders with an option to include oxy-biodegradable material in manufacturing.